(Division of KGOBISA PROJECTSoffers a complete range of water treatment solutions with expertise in design, construction, operations and maintenance of permanent and modular water treatment plants. Our services are suitable for the mining, municipal, water utilities and industrial water sectors.

Our water treatment offerings include: Municipal water and wastewater re-use, Seawater desalination, Industrial effluent treatment and Zero Liquid Discharge.

We have developed expertise in the design of a wide range of water/waste water treatment facilities using various industry tested technologies such as: Softening, Clarification, Filtration (including Multimedia and Membrane Technologies), Digestion and Activated Sludge processes.

Our Multi-Disciplinary Consulting Services Include: Process Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil/Structural Engineering, and Environmental Engineering.

Sewage/Wastewater Treatment Technologies

  • ·         IFAS – Integrated Fixed Activated Sludge
  • ·         MBBR – Moving Bed Bio-Reactor
  • ·         MBR – Membrane Bio-Reactor
  • ·         SBR – Sequential Batch Reactor

Various tertiary treatment systems are available for the above processes, to treat the effluent to even better quality for the intended re-use purpose.

Water Treatment/Purification Technologies

  • ·         MMF – Multi-Media Filtration
  • ·         UF – Ultra Filtration
  • ·         MF – Micro Filtration
  • ·         RO – Reverse Osmosis

The above processes can be coupled with various pre-/post treatment systems depending on the quality of Raw Water and desired Treated Water Quality, each plant is carefully engineered to deliver water to specification and better.


Engineering & Design

We offer consulting services including new design, troubleshooting existing installations, we have an in-house process and mechanical design team who are able to apply innovative and expert engineered solutions to the most challenging of scenarios. Our design office used 3D CAD software to minimize clashes on site during installations.

Project Management

Our Team of Professional Engineers ensures delivery of projects on time, within budget and to high standards of quality. We have dedicated health and safety personnel who have been tasked with ensuring we comply with the most stringent safety specifications. Our project managers further ensure that quality management systems are implemented throughout the project.

Site Installations & Commissioning

We have a fully equipped and well trained site installation teams comprising of Site Supervisors, Technicians and Artisans with an impressive range of tools, and knowledge to complete our installation work locally and abroad. Formalized commissioning and training is undertaken by our experienced and professional staff to ensure smooth handover to clients.

Operations & Maintenance

Where required, KP-WaterTech has a separate division that is responsible for operation and maintenance activities. We can customize a scope of work that suits your requirements and your budget. From a complete and comprehensive fixed term contract where every aspect of the facilities operation and maintenance is included, to “supervision only” contracts.